Important Updates and Reminders!


Good luck with your exams and we hope you are well !!!!!


Dear Team, here are THREE important tasks for you:

1. Complete the Team Travel Form - ASAP

The deadline for the Team Travel Preparation for was on 23rd April, 2015.

Thank you: Joanna, Mario, Miguel, Deborah and Karolina for sending this in on time.

Everyone else, please send this form in ASAP. I strongly encourage this so we can initiate the travel coordination. Please remember that you will be flying in the peak summer time. Thus, the longer you leave it as a team, the more expensive it will get for you - for each day we delay the booking coordination.

Click here or below to access the Form.

2. Engage with your Team - the stronger the team, the higher the social impact you will have

1. Communication and Team leaders

Please ensure that you communicate regularly with the WHOLE team and ensure that everyone has the support and encouragement to get the important tasks done, to prepare for the mission.

I would therefore encourage you to nominate two team leaders (one from MEB and one from MMK) who will step up to take on the responsibility for the team to be ready, prepared and effective before the travels and once in the field. They will also be the point of contact for the GK UK team. Please emails us your team leaders by Friday, 8th May.

2. Fundraising

Fantastic, that you have organised yourself for Annie to be in charge of the platform. This will be a great start and now timely, to make the most of the fundraising time that you have. Let's get your profile up, and running in full swing.

3. Be informed and up to date

Familiarise yourself with the PARTICIPANT ONLY sites:

- Knowledge Hub: (PW: escpgk2015). You can find the workshop materials from last week here and other useful information. These are provided to ensure that your team can make the most of your short, but intensive time in the field and be prepared as best as possible.

- The "Updates!" section of the Participant Site archives materials and similar documents, including Information Flyers, such as this one. After some of you seem to have not received them. Please keep checking with your team mates that everyone has all information.

- Soundboard: (PW: escpgk2015). Create an account and communicate with the rest of the team - especially your members who are not in London! Record your progress, track it and share with us, how you are getting on. There is one post so far.

3. Save the date and some reminders

1. Save the date for our second workshop: "Field 2.0" on Friday 29th May. See below.

You are strongly encouraged to attend for the whole session, as we will go through some practical tools and exercises for creating social impact in the field! There will be the possibility to video conference in, if for a good reason you are not in London.

2. Launch of "Genius of the Poor: A Journey with Tony Meloto Founder of Gawad Kalinga" Book, at ESCP Europe Paris Campus - Thursday, 21st May, 7pm.

If you are in Paris, you are very welcome to join Vanezza and the GK France team. The British Author, Tom Graham is a co-founder of MAD - and you will be working closely with him during your social impact mission! Click here or see below for more info.

3. As a whole team and sub-team, over the next weeks familiarise yourself with the work of GK, the Farm, MAD and Social Lean Canvas (SLC). And which section of the SLC will be most relevant to you. You can also start creating a template for the final report, so that you will only have to input the content, when you are in the field. This will save you time, of course you can modify at a later stage.

"Workshop Field 2.0"- ESCP Europe Business School - Room TBC, likely G55

Friday, May 29th, 4:30-7pm

527 Finchley Road


The second workshop will be concentrating on providing you with the tools to have a social impact in the field, through the human centred design thinking approach. During the workshop you will be able to practice the design thinking process! And we we will discuss the final preparations for your social impact mission.
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For all communications please write ESCP Europe 2015 in the 'subject field'.


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