Chris Theodorakis

Westing Game by Ellen Raskin

Chris Theodorakis

Westing Heirs

Chris Theodorakis, Theo Theodorakis, Turtle Wexler, Angela Wexler, Jake Wexler, Grace Wexler, Flora Baumbach, J.J. Ford, Alexander Mcsouthers, Denton Deere, Doug Hoo, James Hoo, Madame Hoo, Sydell Pulaski, Berthe Crow, and Otis Amber.

My Clues

These are my clues for the westing game.


I share these clues with my partner, Denton Deere.

My Crutch

People don't think i'm smart or good at anything because of my problems.

Internal Conflict

My internal conflict is my spasms and wheelchair so it is hard for me to do things.

External Conflict

Every heir has the same external conflict which is figuring out who killed Sam Westing.

Key Passage 1

"F-for p-plain g-g-grain shed." Chris spoke slowly. He had practiced his recitation over, hour after lonely hour after lonely hour. "G-grain--oats--Otis Amber. F-for, shed--she, F-Ford. F-Ford lives in f-four D."

Pg 84

I chose this passage because it shows that he is smart even if he has the spasms and he is in a wheelchair.

Key Passage 2

"Look!" Chris shouted, startling the judge into dropping her files to the floor. She rushed to his side, thinking he needed help. "Look up there, Judge. Isn't it b-beautiful?"

High in the fall sky, a V of geese was flying south. Yes, it was a beautiful sight. "Those are geese," the judge explained.

"C-canada goose (Branta c-canadensis)," Chris replied.

The judge was impressed, but she had work to do.

pg 136

I chose this passage because it shows that even though Chris is different on the outside he is the same as everybody else is inside meaning he has a nice heart and he is smart.

Theme Song

Bellow is my theme song I Like Birds by the Eels. I chose this song because Chris likes birdwatching and birds.
I Like Birds - Eels (With Lyrics on Screen)