1. Maradona McNuggets

2. McEmpanadas, add beef, chicken, steak and/or cheese

3. McAsado burger- asado (grilled meat)

4. McPizza- pepperoni, asado

5. Faina - garbanzo flatbread


1. Dulce de leche

2. Flan


1. Yerba mate tea

2. McFlurry- dulce de leche, yerba mate tea, chocolate

3. El submarino - hot chocolate

As you can see our McDonalds is going to be located in Argentina, specifically Buenos Aires. The main foods that make up Argentinian consists of Italian and South American food. Our menu above lists a few of these popular entrees like empanadas, dulce de leche and faina. All of these reflect the culture of Argentina because it is what they enjoy to eat. We also kept some American food like burgers and chicken nuggets, expressing the acculturation of how they adopt our ways.

The McDonalds in Argentina uses soccer jerseys as there work cloths to show support for there country and boost workers moral. We use a colorful building design to reflect on the rest of the country and its own building colorfulness. There is lots of color used to show emotions and what goes on inside the store. Ours would be primarily yellow and red to show a happy, friendly environment in order to bring in customers.

These all show globalization by combining and sharing dishes and native to Argentina and various other countries. Lots of meats such as beef, beans, sausage and others are a huge part of all south american countries. And a lot of dishes and pastries originate from France and other European nations. And all of this is offered right in this little McDonald's store here in Argentina.



1. Maradona McNuggets: A McDonald's classic! Tender Chicken in a crisp breading served with the sauce of your choice.

2.McEmpanadas: A fresh pastry originating in western Europe. Can be filled with beef, sausage, chicken, steak, cheese, and more.

3.McAsado- A burger with a south American twist. Chopped meats with any sauce or add on you want.

4.McPizza: Cheese, Peperoni, Asado you name it! Pizza on the go.

5.Faina- Place on top of your pizza or have as a light flatbread snack. Good with any topping, meat or cheese. This appetizer is a a fresh seasoned flatbread.


1. Dulce de leche: A sweet, gooey caramel to put on any cookie, ice cream, or even have sturred into a Milkshake.

2. Flan: A classic pastry with thick syrup dizzled over the cake's top.


1. Yerba Mate Tea: A South American favorite. This tea refreshes the body and is great for early morning or late evening.

2.McFlurry: A traditional Milkshake from McDonald's that goes great any flavoring, chocolate, vanilla, or even strawberry. Or, for an small extra cross, add a swirl or two of dulce de leche.

3. El submarino- Hot chocolate for the coold winter nights. Have an iced chocolate during the steamy summers.