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Awesome Things To Make You More Awesome

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Comin' at you live from Room 783, it's me with some cool things that you might like to use! Continue on for awesomeness.....
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Tip #1 - Just A Graphic To Make You Think

Information VS Knowledge

Below is one of my favorite graphics. To me this is the most essential thing to remember when designing lessons for my students. When I'm introducing a new concept to my students I always ask myself, "Am I connecting this to something they already know?"

Smart people use words like "schema" and "prior knowledge" to explain this, but the graphic below sums it up nicely for me! Do what you wish with it...just thought I'd share.

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You've Probably Heard of Rewordify, But Just In Case....

Rewordify is a FREE web service that let's you or your students copy and paste OR type text into a box and then "Rewordify" it. This means the app paraphrases and SO MUCH MORE! See the screencast awesome!!
Rewordify Overview

Tip #3 - Need a Timer....Google's Got That Covered

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Need To Time Something In a Pinch?

Yeah....Google has a timer all ready for you to use. See the screencast below!
Google Timer