Electrical Engineer

Carter Zawlocki - 8th hr. science

Career Overview

The people who have this career are involved in products that use electricity, so basically anything.

What is needed to succeed in this career

To succeed in this career you need to know a lot about electricity and how it works. You'll have to be able to work hard and sit for long periods of time.

What degree or classes need to be taken for this career?

Classes you should take in high school are calculus, chemistry, physics, statistics, probability, and trigonometry. For college you would need a electrical, electronics, and communications of engineering degree.

Cost of education

Tuition per year at the university of Madison will be $10,399. It would take four years to get my degree and it would cost $41,596.

The cost for housing in college


Cost of food

I will be eating on campus so I would not need to pay for groceries.

Gas money

It will cost nothing for gas since I would walk around campus.

Cost of clothes

There would be no cost for clothing since they would be brought from home.

Total tuition cost

The total cost is $41,596.

Total cost of college

The total cost is $76,812.

Would I need to apply for a scholarship or take out a loan?

Most likely things as asking for a scholarship, I probably wouldn't take out a loan.

Would I need to get a part - time job?

Yes I would, college is very expensive and I would like to have as much money as I could get to help with the cost.

Would you enjoy your job?

Possibly, it depends on what I would be working on all day. I wouldn't like to be fixing everyday things, I would like to get more into rockets, satellites, and things like that.

Pros and cons to the job

Pros - Three things would be the money you would earn per year, another thing would be to work on cool stuff, and last would be to learn from people that have the same career but have done different things.

Cons - Two things I would not like would be sitting for a long time and the working hours.

Job advertisement

Name of your career - Electrical Engineer.

Short description - An electrical engineer makes/fixes things from house appliances to rockets and satellites.

Work conditions - They can work both inside and outside.

Educational requirements - A Bachelor's degree.

Salary - About $70,000 per year, it can be more or less depending on what you're working on.

Commercial - Electrical engineer. Do you like to build stuff? Do you like to get paid lots of money? Become an electrical engineer!