Taking the COMPASS

It's not to late to become college-ready!

You can:

  • Save $$$ on tuition!
  • Earn a final exam exemption
  • Earn a lovely purple honor cord - BLING! - to wear over your graduation robe.
  • Take pride in achieving this academic goal
  • Help the Class of 2016 earn recognition for a high percentage of college-ready graduates.

Highlights of COMPASS:

  • Untimed
  • Free! You can take it twice at DCHS for free and once at OCTC. If you need to take it a fourth time, you'll pay $7
  • College placement exam
  • One section at a time. In other words, if you are only missing your English benchmark, you don't have to take a test in math, reading, and science (like the ACT) to try to get your benchmark. You only test for the benchmark you're missing.

How to schedule a COMPASS test at OCTC

After two COMPASS tries here at DCHS, call 270-686-4533 to test at OCTC.

Here's OCTC's COMPASS page: http://www.owensboro.kctcs.edu/Admissions/Placement_Testing.aspx


If you sometimes have free time during the day (student assistant, study hall, co-op, college hours, etc.)...

...then come see me in the CCR Center.

I'll work with you one on one or in small groups to help you prepare for the COMPASS.

*I've helped many students who scored in the low teens on one or more sections of the ACT successfully prepare for the COMPASS. I can help you too.

If your schedule is packed...

Make an appointment to see me before or after school or come talk to me if that's not possible.

These are the resources I'll use to help you prepare:

For your English Benchmark:

University of North Georgia practice exams: http://ung.edu/learning-support/compass-practice-exams.php

Portland Community College COMPASS skill review packet: http://www.pcc.edu/resources/tutoring/sylvania/student-success/documents/total.pdf

Shmoop Grammar: http://www.shmoop.com/grammar/

Method Test Prep. You already have this (we bought it for you). It's on your ILP on Career Cruising.

For your Math Benchmark:

EdReady https://kctcsowensboro.edready.org/home To sign up watch this video http://tinyurl.com/EdReady-get-started or email Ms. Colbert for a list of steps.

For your Reading Benchmark:


Let me know how I can help!