6 Educational Mobile iOS Apps

Great apps for Elementary school students

Word Games for Kids - Futaba

Futaba is a great app for both students and teachers, because students are able to play educational games with up to four participants, while teachers can customize and create the content in the games. Teachers can include content for different subjects into the games to test students overall knowledge. This app is a fun way to review subjects and students can take teacher-customized games home with them. Students will be excited to play at home, because the more they practice, the faster they can answer questions when they compete with their friends in the classroom or outside of school. As well, parents can create games for their child in this app.

The grade recommendation for this app is K-3

Futaba is a free app, but in order to unlock the teacher-customized function, teachers can upgrade with $2.99 fee.

Classroom Games for iPad - Futaba Classroom Games

Grammar Jammers

Grammar Jammers Primary Edition is a free app that helps students identify nouns, verbs, adjectives, and many more parts of speech. This app includes catchy songs to help students remember what each part of speech does and the role it plays in a sentence. Students then practice by guessing which word is the verb, noun or other parts of speech. Teachers can use this app to review grammar lessons and prepare students for formal assessments or check students' understanding in class. The targeted grades for this app are from K-5.

The creators of this app also created Elementary and Middle editions of the app; however both apps are $3.49 each.

Grammar Jammers Primary Edition

MindSnacks French

With this app, students can learn French vocabulary and play interactive games to remember what they learned. Students will be interested in using this app during their studying time or whenever they feel like, because the games are a lot of fun. Only the first lesson is free, but students are able to unlock 50 more lessons for $4.99. If all the students are able to purchase this app, teachers could assign students to do specific lessons for homework. Teachers could also have a class review by projecting the app on the board and have the students participate in choosing the correct answers. An example of this is shown in the YouTube video below.
MindSnacks French at Berkshire Country Day School


Geoboard is an app that replaces traditional classroom geoboards and elastics with iOS devices. The great thing about this app is that students are able to make their shapes and write notes directly on the geoboard. Students can then screenshot their board for future references or send them to their teacher for assessment. There are many colours of elastics to choose from, so students can get creative. Geoboard is fun to play around with and students can bring the fun home with them to show their parents or anywhere they want. Best of all, this app is free making it affordable for every student.
App Geoboard (iPad): rubber bands & Maths

Splash Math

Splash Math is a free interactive app with math games created for students who are in grades 1 to 5. The app includes colourful pictures and graphics to engage the students' attention and includes a points system for kids to purchase "pets" at the shop. The more the students play, the more points they earn. Splash Math also has an online component. Online, students can play their math games on the computer with the account that they signed up with on the app and parents can monitor their child's progress.

In a classroom setting, teachers can recommend students to play the game as a reward for finishing their math homework or assignment early, while the other students are finishing up.

This app can be found in the Apple App store for mobile phones and iPads.

Splash Math - Grades 1 to 5 App Quick Tour

Wet Dry Try

Wet Dry Try is an app that helps younger students, typically Kindergarten to grade 2 students, with their handwriting. Students can use their fingers or a stylus to help them learn and practice their letters. This app has a 3-step process where students will "Wet" the outline of the letter, "Dry" the letter for a second try and then "Try" writing within the lines. Wet Dry Try also accommodates for left handed writers and students usually focus on one letter at a time. Students who are auditory learners are able to listen to voice on the app for instructions and tricks on how to write the letter.

Teachers can assign students to do one or two letter exercises for homework or ask students to practice their handwriting in the classroom.

This app can be purchased at the iOS store for $6.99

Wet Dry Try - iOS app Review