Bonny Slope Elementary

February 20, 2020

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Dates To Remember

2/21 International Mother Language Day

2/21 OBOB Final Battle 8:40 am

2/24 February Birthday Lunch Celebration

2/26 Hearing Screening K/1/2 8:30-11:30

2/27 *Geography Club Check Day

2/28 Principal Chat 2pm

2/28 *Family Movie/Game Night 6:30-8:30pm - Frozen 2


3/2 Read Across America Day

3/3 Spring Picture Day

3/5 *BSCO Parent Education, BSE Library

3/10 5th Grade Fly up to Cedar Park 9:30-11am

3/13 *Science Night 6:00-8:00pm

3/16 March Birthday Lunch Celebration

3/19 *Geography Club Check Day

3/20 Principal Chat 2pm

3/23-3/27 NO SCHOOL - Spring Break

*BSCO Sponsored event

See our online calendar for more information and updates throughout the year.

Bonny Slope Calendar

Volunteer Background Check

Spring After School Activities - Sign Ups are starting!

Break the Norm Leadership - The Leader Within

Engineering for Kids - Master Machines

Hard Core Fitness - Indoor Soccer Class

Play Fit Fun - Before School Program

Science Matters - Enrichment Programs

TGA - Tennis Class

Yoga Playgrounds - Kids Yoga

Sunset Youth Lacrosse - Registration



Happy February everyone! With the gradually increasing daylight and the occasionally warmer weather in the afternoons, a little bit of spring is in the air! And then the winds come and return us back to that winter feeling, and back to cozy nights.

We were watching the KGW news recently, and they challenged a family to have a technology-free weekend. There were some allowances for the family to use technology, but for the most part, devices were put away. The family reported playing more games, having more conversations, and being more engaged with each other. Have you considered having a technology-free evening in your house? Even one night a week can make a difference. has some ideas:

Speaking of cozy, thanks to everyone who came to our “Flapjacks and Flannel” pancake breakfast on February 8th! 820 people came to enjoy a nice breakfast served by our fabulous fifth graders, meet Timber Joey, and help our 5th grade students with science. Thanks to all of the parents who generously donated their time and talents to make this event as successful as it was, and to the generous Bonny Slope community for coming on Saturday to help our students.

Tomorrow, we have our Final OBOB Battle of the Books, between the Four Blind Mice and the Ridiculous Readers. The public is invited to come, and it will start at 8:40. Be prepared to hear some hard questions. It’s amazing what our students recall.

Beaverton School District has a DRAFT plan for Student Investment Account (SIA). Please provide your feedback on this DRAFT: feedback

And finally, we have a last-minute reminder for the Social Emotional Learning workshop here in the Bonny Slope library from 5:30-6:30. Social Emotional Learning TOSA Angela Healow will be talking. We’ve been featuring some aspects of SEL work in our Paw Prints, so come and learn more!

Working with you for our kids,

Jim Hiller and Janet Maza



Celebrate Kindness Throughout the Year - Daily Activities Calendar for 2020
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Why Drinking Water Is the Way to Go

What do you, the trees, and a hamster have in common? Give up? You all need water. All living things must have water to survive, whether they get it from a water fountain, a rain cloud, or a little bottle attached to the side of a hamster cage.

How Much Is Enough?

Because water is so important, you might wonder if you're drinking enough. There is no magic amount of water that kids need to drink every day. The amount kids need depends on their age, body size, health, and activity level, plus the weather (temperature and humidity levels).

Usually, kids drink something with meals and should definitely drink when they're thirsty. But if you're sick, or it's warm out or you're exercising, you'll need more. Be sure to drink some extra water when you're out in warm weather, especially while playing sports or exercising.

When you drink is also important. If you're going to sports practice, a game, or just working out or playing hard, drink water before, during, and after playing. Don't forget your water bottle. You can't play your best when you're thinking about how thirsty you are!

When your body doesn't have enough water, that's called being dehydrated. Dehydration also can keep you from being as fast and as sharp as you'd like to be. A bad case of dehydration can make you sick. So, keep that water bottle handy when the weather warms up! Not only does water fight dehydration, but it's refreshing and has no calories.

Your body regulates the amount of water in your system. The body holds on to water when you don't have enough or gets rid of it if you have too much. If your pee is very light yellow, you are well hydrated. When your pee is very dark yellow, it's probably time to drink up.

You can help your body by drinking when you're thirsty and drinking extra water when you exercise and when it's warm out. Your body will be able to do all of its wonderful, waterful jobs and you'll feel great!

A Healthy message from your school nurse,

Wendy Costanzo, BSN, RN


BSCO Movie Night - Friday, February 28th

Friday February 28th is Family Movie Night in the gym sponsored by BSCO. Movie is Frozen 2, doors open at 6:15 and show starts at 6:45. This is FREE to attend but is not a drop off event.


Spring Picture Day is Coming Soon! Tuesday, March 3rd

Bonny Slope Elementary Picture day is quickly approaching and pre-orders for picture packages may now be placed online at using our school name: Bonny Slope Elementary. Online orders must be placed prior to 9:00 AM on picture day to ensure individuals are photographed.

Picture Day(s) is scheduled for: March 3rd, 2020

Please let your student's teacher know that you want your child to be photographed....only students who have pre-paid or bring in an envelope will be photographed. Teachers will need to know who to send to the photographer. Picture envelopes will be sent home in Friday folders.

Kindergarten Registration - Open Now!

Any child who will be five (5) years of age on or before September 1 is eligible to enroll for Kindergarten at their designated home school. You can verify your designated home school


Online Registration is available for new student enrollment. After the online application has been submitted you will receive a follow up email from the school with any additional information that may be required. If you register online, you can also upload your child’s certificate of immunization, birth certificate and proof of address.

If you complete paper registration forms, the following documents should be provided to the school.

  • completed student enrollment form
  • certificate of immunization
  • birth certificate (we will make a copy of your original)
  • migrant questionnaire
  • proof of address

Bonny Slope will have a Kindergarten Roundup on April 8th at 6pm (5:30 will be a tour for new families). Please plan on attending with your future kindergartner!

Please share this with families with children that will be ready for Kindergarten this fall!


ART LIT Needs Your Help!

Attention BSE families, we're preparing for our 4th Art Lit Lesson. Deborah Butterfield is an American sculptor and we need your help gathering materials for our next project!

Please help us gather the items below for a successful, collaborative and creative project.

Kindy/1st graders: pine cones

2nd/3rd graders: flat bark chips (preferably gray scale 1"x2" or smaller)

4th/5th graders: lichen and small twigs

**These are suggestions so we will have enough materials for nearly 700 students. If you're able to contribute another grade level item we appreciate that too! BONUS POINTS for drying the items out before putting them in the collection bins;.**

Thanks so much for your continued support and volunteering for the arts,

Currië, Melanie & Melissa

Art Lit Team


Time to submit Science Project Entry Forms!

Once your student has decided on their Science Project for Science Night, please make sure you submit an entry form at This ensures space is reserved for the display board and that the student’s project information is listed in the program. Students will receive a display board from their teacher shortly after they have registered online.

All project entries submitted by 2/21 will be entered in a raffle - 1 prize per grade!

Questions? Please contact


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