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Washington Street Elementary - October 15, 2021

Upcoming Events:


18-22: Fall Intersession Week - No School

20: Coffee w/ the Supt. 10am & 6pm

25-29: Red Ribbon Week

25: Family Pumpkin Decorating Contest

29: Halloween Parade 3:10pm


4: Picture Retakes

9: 1/2 Day of School

10: 1/2 Day of School - Conferences

11: 1/2 Day of School - Conferences

12: No School

24-26: No School - Thanksgiving Break

Red Ribbon Week!!!

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Halloween is around the corner and we are excited to bring back our Halloween Parade on Friday, October 29! The costume parade will take place outside and parents will line the sidewalks.

We will have a Trail for Treaters outside where parents will have the opportunity to pass out candy to students if desired. Click below so you can reserve your spot along the parade route to set up for candy distribution and decorate your station. The idea is for this to be like a "Trunk or Treat"... just without the trunks. ;) We will also have a contest for the best-decorated table/wagon/area! So, start planning now! You will need 450 treats.

Students should bring their costumes to school and will change for their classroom parties prior to the parade. It is important that your child can put on their costumes independently as parents will be outside prepping for the parade.

Just a reminder - your child's costume must be non-violent. Weapon accessories/scary masks will not be allowed. Also, due to allergies, students may not come to school with spray-painted hair.

WSE Parents to Sponsor Dinner for Staff

Our WSE parents are organizing a dinner for teachers during conferences on Wednesday, November 10th. If you are interested in contributing, please click on the link below to sign up: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/508094cabac29a4fe3-wseteacher2

Bulldog PRIDE

Congratulations to the following students for being selected as their classroom PRIDE winner for the week!

P - Positive Attitude

R - Responsible Actions

I - Integrity Within

D - Determination to Succeed

E - Expect Excellence

Kindergarten: HaiLynn Meyer, Aidan Natzel, Kolby Novotny

1st grade: Margo Gray, Jase O'Connell, Selah Andrina

2nd grade: JT Salmon, Sam Sposato, Carly Schmitt

3rd grade: Evelyn Aukerman, Bryce Taylor, Nolan Knight

4th grade: Hayden Elliott, Carter Griffith, Keegan Hough

5th grade: Khandice Sheffer, Chance Carroll, Xavier Meyer

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Personal Safety Lessons

Our school uses a health program called the Michigan Model for Health. It gives families and schools opportunities to work as a team to help youth stay healthy. In the next few weeks, we will be teaching a personal safety lesson. This lesson teaches students how to protect themselves from unsafe touch. Sadly, abuse of children takes place more often than we think. We need to work together to stop this problem.

Counselor’s Corner - Angela Bender

Why Does Humor Matter?

The ability to see and understand humor is increasingly important as your child moves through school. As early as preschool, kids with a strong sense of humor are better liked by their peers, have more friends, higher self-esteem, and a more positive outlook on life. They’re better able to deal with their own quirks and are more tolerant of others. Most importantly, kids who can smile at their own mistakes are better equipped to handle teasing, bullies, and the adversities of childhood, both big and small.

For an adult, school-age humor can get a little tiresome. But there’s really no downside to your child’s love of jokes, riddles, and puns. Playing with language introduces new words and meanings and builds vocabulary. Repeating the same jokes or riddles develops memory skills. And poring over joke books teaches the value and enjoyment to be found in reading. So what can you do? Keep your child well supplied with material. Buy or check out joke books from the library. Look for jokes, riddles, and puns together online. And best of all, make your own. Play the “Make Me Laugh” game — everyone takes a turn trying to make the group laugh doing whatever he or she thinks is funny. Memorize riddles and try to stump each other. Tell jokes and see who can keep from laughing the longest. Not only will you and your child share enjoyment, you’ll be working on your own mental agility. And don’t forget those good old standbys you remember from childhood: staring contests, tickle fights, and pillow battles. Whatever gets you giggling — the most important thing is to have a playful attitude.

And beyond simply enjoying jokes with your child, be a good humor role model. Look for humor in everyday situations. Laugh at yourself and deal lightly with irritations. Use humor as opposed to scolding; crack a joke to ease tension. You’ll not only be giving your child the tools needed to handle difficult situations in the future, you’ll find that you feel better too.

*excerpts taken from Kids Health article “What’s Funny to a School-Age Child?”

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Apply for Free or Reduced Lunch

Students who qualify for free or reduced lunch must enroll each year. The deadline is Sept. 30th

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