Kindergarten Newsletter ACES

Week Of April 22nd

Highlights from last week....

We hope you all had a safe and restful vacation.

Before vacation we finished up our unit on how we get from here to there, my USA and what is up in the sky. The children did well on the assessment.

In Math, we finished our unit on adding and subtracting. The children rocked the assessment!

A peek at our learning this week....

This week our class will be reading stories about how children can help at home. Children will learn about taking responsibility for cleaning, caring for a pet, doing errands, and other chores.

Here are some activities that you can do with your child to help reinforce the skills we will be practicing.

Word Workout

  • Vocabulary: chores, contribute Discuss different ways your child can help out at home. Create a list of jobs on a chore chart.
  • My Words to Know

High-Frequency Words: help, too Write the words help and too, and ask your child to write each word. Think of sentences that use both words. Write the sentences down and read them aloud. Have your child underline the words help and too.

Category Words: Household Furniture Play a game of “Simon Says.” Use household furniture terms as you give commands to act out chores.

Phonics: long a Invite your child to play a rhyming game with words that have the long a sound. Guide your child in writing and sounding out the rhyming words.

In Math, we will begin our unit on teen numbers.


All of the kindergarten classes have been working hard on creating books. Each class has a different topic. We sent home the order forms before vacation. The books are $19.95. Payments are due by April 29th. We will be sending the books to the publisher on that day and we will need to know how many to order. If you choose to NOT order a book, please send in the order form saying that you will not be ordering. Please contact us if funding for this book is a hardship.



MAY 17th KINDERGARTEN WALK-A-THON during school. A donation sheet will be sent home with your children.



A Note from Miss Berube

I hope everyone had a great week! I am so ready to get back into the routine and see all the children!

I am sending home order forms for the book we are making as a class. The order forms will be due April 26th!

We have a lot coming up! Please continue to practice sight words with your children at home.

Thank you for all you do and have a fabulous week!

A Note from Mrs. Maillet

What a fantastic week! I cannot believe how much your children have grown in every academic area. It's just amazing!

Book orders are due on April 26th. Thank you for your continuous support. We were able to purchase some magnetic tiles for our classroom with our Scholastic Book Points that have been earned through your orders. The children LOVE building with them. Thank you! Please continue to read and practice sight words. I am really going to be pushing your children now until the end of the year. Many of our friends are approaching benchmark and I want them to meet/exceed benchmark before school gets out. Thank you for all that you do!

BIG shout out to Sabrina, Maddie, and Addison for donating some supplies to our classroom. Thank you SO much, we really appreciate it!

A Note from Mrs. Webb

It was nice to have the week off but I really miss your children and the excitement they bring to my day! I hope they enjoyed their week off and are ready to face our last 8 weeks of school! Our last day of school is scheduled to be Monday, June 17th. This is typically a half day of school. The end of the year gets busy. I promise to keep you updated on all dates and events as I am made aware of them.

Our class book "What I Want To Be When I Grow Up" is coming out great as we work hard to complete it! I will send in the book kit on April 29th for publishing. Order forms for these books will be sent home this week. Orders are due by Friday. These orders get sent in with the kit. Let me know if you have any questions.

The children have grown so much this year. Thank you for all of your support at home! Please continue to review sight words, reading, and number sense (counting, quantity, adding, subtracting). These skills are becoming more fluent for everyone! Great work!

Do you know anyone turning 5 before September 1st???? Please remind them of our kindergarten registration for 2019/2020.

Have a great week!

A Note From Mrs. Marcoux

I hope you had a great week with your children. I am looking forward to seeing all of them tomorrow!

Please make sure to see all the important news and dates at the top of the newsletter.

We will continue working on our classroom book all week. I am so excited to see how the finished product will look! I will be sending home the order forms this week. The orders will be due by April 29th.

Before break, we began practicing for our nursery rhyme play. I will send home the rhymes and let you know your child's part this week.

Please let me know if you have any questions about any upcoming events.

Have a great week!

A Note from Mrs. Goldthwaite

Happy Spring break!

We have only 40 school days left. We still have so much more to learn. Take this time and refresh. We are on the home stretch.

Please look at the top of this news letter for the up coming events.

We will be working hard finishing up our classroom book. We will begin to practice our Nursery Rhymes when we return.

Hope you all have a great holiday and time with your families.

Classroom wish list is tissues and clorox wipes. Thanks to all who have donated to our classroom wish list. It is much appreciated.