"Boo"sting Student Engagement

Strategies That Work

Our "Hooks" Are Working

In our book study, "Teach Like a Pirate," we have read about the importance of embedding instructional "hooks" into our lessons. It increases student engagement and retention.

Here are some of the positive comments from teachers concerning student response to the our "hooks".

They love the music & it was a great enhancement to the lesson. The cooking contest we had went really well. Kids enjoyed and all took it very seriously. Some even said they were nervous...

I have used the Mozart hook recently. The students loved it, and it got them interested in the story that was to come.

They responded positively! I allowed them to complete a t-chart and it gave us great discussion as a class. Next time, I will divide students into groups and use chart paper.

Let's challenge one another to improve our craft! Perhaps you can do a "Learning Walk" or team teach a common strand or standards across the content. Implementation is smoother when we can observe it in action. Please let me know if you would like for me to cover your class during 5th period so that you can go and observe another classroom. We also have a pre-formed template that you can use to guide your observation.

I would love to support you in this endeavor of learning!

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Teacher responses to the Quote by Dave Burgess

"Embrace the mighty purpose of being an educator. It's not just about raising test scores... It's about raising human potential."

I agree 100% with this quote. However, I do believe it's possible to strive for BOTH of these goals. Burgess does an exceptional job of addressing this in Part III of his book as he advocates the "mighty purpose" on pages 148--150. Clearly, the more important purpose is about raising human potential, but my goal is to raise their test scores in that process.

A test score does define who you are! We must strive to teach the importance of being kind and of working hard. This is the essence of hope!

We have to look at what we are teaching kids as giving them knowledge and tools that will open doors for understanding and as well as opportunities. Kids need to be educated for the sake of understanding the world around them, not just to be able to answer a question on a test.

I do not want my students to just make an A. I want them to really understand the why and how behind EVERYTHING they do.