Northern Indian's

By: Erika Eberhart

Anasazi who were they , and what did they do ?

Many of the first Anasazi Indian's were very handy , they constructed out of their own knowledge , dams , ditches , and canals .

many of the housing was made from ; adobe and stones . they were multi - storied sort of apartment like .

the heart of the civilization was Chaco Canyon .

craftsmen made many things such as ; jewerly .

Indian's in all different shapes and forms

Mississippians Indians

They were very sucessful in the harvesting times they were good at it . they were also good at hunting , when they got a kill , no matter what it was , they would use every part of the animal . As you also could have guessed , they lived in Mississippi , they had increased population which made a big demand for more land that they had to win over . they lived in large groups to 30-40 . and usually spread out around Mississippi .

Hopewell Indians .

these Indian's were very important they constructed some of the land that we live on today . this was in Ohio and they usually had as hard time hunting , but they were great gatherer's . they always had something to pull on and they were used to extreme heat .

More Indians + Information = fun times in social studies

Most of these indians are very important because they were good at what they do .

live gathering and building and such :)

By : Erika Eberhart