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If your considering carpentry this is what you need to know. Theirs many skills and training you need to know. Also you need to know how to run a business.


Theirs not to much training needed to become a carpenter. The main training is apprenticeship, which is when you work with a professional that has been in the trade for at least 15 years. They basically teach you how to do different tasks and use certain tools.

Skills and job advancement

The basic skills you need to know is how to use tools. Also you need to know how to do certain things. Example:if you don't know basic parts of a house you probably shouldn't build one from scratch.That is why you need to know basic skill. Once you learn all the correct skills you then can build something custom such as this.->

For job advancement you can go from being an apprentice, skilled worker, then finally to professional.

What is involved?

What is involved with this career is you need how to do different things from building a house. To the fine details, such as trim or small details in fireplaces or book shelves.

Job salary and outlook

Yearly salary: $45,000

Average hourly salary:$22.00

Outlook: According to the Waynesboro Bureau of labor statistics the job outlook for a carpenter is going to keep going up for many more years to come.

Why I want to go into this career

I want to go into this career because i like being able to make things with my hands. Also because i like the satisfaction of being able to look at a project and say "I made that". Also because my dad is a carpenter and I go and work with him a lot and I found how much I like it.

What you may not know

Some things you may not know about this career is it can tend to have long hours. Its not your typical 9 to 5 job. Also there can be a lot of heavy lifting involved with this as well. Also you have to work in the high heat and also in the frigid cold.

A day in a life of a carpenter

For a carpenter you never know what may happen on the job site. You can have a very good and easy day or you also can have a very bad day. What i mean by a good day is that everything goes according to plan and theirs no problems. What I mean by a bad day is that there may be problems. Such as having to rip out old plaster from a ceiling that had a water line broke above you.That is a filthy job.


I hope you learned something and maybe you will become a carpenter on day to!