Carter G. Woodson

by:Duncan Stott

Carter G Woodson

1:Carter G. Woodson. 2:December 19,1875 birth, death date,April 3 1950. 3:the first african american to get a doctorate in Harvard.c 4:Carter Godwin Woodson was born on December 19, 1875, in New Canton, Virginia, to Anna Eliza Riddle Woodson and James Woodson. The fourth of seven children, young Woodson worked as a sharecropper and a miner to help his family. He began high school in his late teens and proved to be an excellent student, completing a four-year course of study in less than two years.After attending Berea College in Kentucky, Woodson worked for the U.S. government as an education superintendent in the Philippines and undertook more travels before returning to the U.S. Woodson then earned his bachelor’s and master’s from the University of Chicago and went on to receive a doctorate from Harvard University in 1912—becoming the second African American to earn a Ph.D. from the prestigious institution, after W.E.B. Du Bois. After finishing his education, Woodson dedicated himself to the field of African-American history, working to make sure that the subject was taught in schools and studied by scholars. For his efforts, Woodson is often called the "Father of Black History."

5:they were the first african american to get into Harvard

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What he did

he was the first African American to get into Harvard.

full name

carter g woodson

death date, birth date

December 19,1875 birth, death date,April 3 1950.


nice wanted to be a writer