Asian Indian Immigration

Asian Indian Immigration into Texas

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Section 1- Homeland and Push Factors

The homeland of Asian Indians is India. One of the reasons the Asian Indians probably left the homeland is because they found a lot of good jobs in the United States. There were many trained experts in India. They were looking for places to go.
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Section 2- Texas and Pull Factors

My immigration group immigrated to a settlement in Texas called Lee County. Some of the pull factors were land and they found good jobs in Texas. At the time, they seen that the immigration laws in Texas have changed. They probably took advantage of these laws and came to Texas.
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Section 3- Culture Highlight

There are a lot of things about the Asian Indian culture. The Asian Indian culture is polytheistic, meaning we pray to a lot of gods. We eat a lot of different foods as well. I am part of this culture. There are many traditions we do. These images below are part of the Asian Indian culture.

Section 4- Significant Individuals

There were a lot of individuals that impacted Texas. These names represent the individuals that impacted Texas

Dr. Kollengode R. Ramakrishnan- He was a teacher in Texas. He got a doctoral degree in Maryland, and he came to Texas because of the weather reminded them of India. In 2002, a scholarship was started in honor of his work

Artee Patel- She is known for winning Miss India Texas Contest. She works to promote learning and education in Texas

Section 5- Trivia

Did You Know?

  • There are 34 Hindu Temples in Texas
  • The country of India is home to many religions
  • Many Hindus are vegetarian
  • Lots of Hindus believe in reincarnation

Section 6- Analysis 1

My culture group most definitely made an impact in Texas. The way they impacted Texas was they increased population, and the different religions in Texas. Each Asian Indian group that immigrated to Texas had different customs. There are many of these Asian Indians in our world today as well. In 2000, there were 129,365 Asian Indians in Texas, and that was .62% of the total population. You can see that the Asian Indian immigration grew in the course of time, because after ten years, the total percent population increase was 131.98%.

Section 7- Analysis 2

I think Texas is better off with immigration, because my culture group was a huge chunk of the population. It's good to also make Texas diverse because it isn't fun when you have all the same people with the same culture. India is the birthplace for many religions. Religion is very important to the Asian Indian group, because it is the way of keeping their religion strong. There are 34 temples in the entire state of Texas. 15 of the temples are located in the Dallas/ Fort Worth area. I believe Texas has grown as a state because of all the religions that populate Texas.


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