PoPo's Amazing Performance of song

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allegro- fast

forte- loud

staccato- short separated

slur- smooth connected

mezzo forte- medium loud

piano- soft/quiet

crescendo- gradually get louder

flat- takes note half a step lower


The project wasn't to hard, except for the performance part. It was fun searching and learning about the song I played and also learning about the composer/arranger. Another thing I liked was playing my song for my friends. That is what I liked about the project


Porter "PO-PO" Durand is my name don't wear it out. I like to eat chicken and rice. I like to play hockey, football, lacrosse, and other sports in my free time. I also like to play the trumpet with my friends. What friends you ask? All two of them. Other things I like to do are watch ESPN, every day. That is all you need to know about PO-PO.