Career Exploration Project

By James Rosa

What Kind of Student Are You? Quiz

I am happy with my grades.

I do my homework.

I understand things that I have read

I am a very good student.

What’s Your Learning Style? Quiz

I am a Visual learner!

  • Use flashcards to learn new words.
  • Write down key words, ideas, or instructions.
  • Color code things.

Do your homework

I use flashcards to study for tests
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Elder care provider

  • Do I care about strangers as much as I do my family and friends? Yes, usually
  • How do I react to the people in my life who want me to do well? I react fairly well to those kinds of people
  • In what situations have I shown compassion? When my mom or dad are sick I usually stay home to take care of them, I also take care of my grandparents and great uncles and aunts when they visit


Librarian-Librarians help people find info in sources such as books, magazines and the internet. They collect, catalog, and organize information. Increasingly, they use computers to do these tasks.

You will need organization and supervision skills and perseverance

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, librarians earned an average of $57,020 in 2011

3 things I can do in middle school and high school to prepare

1) Volunteer at my library

2) Get better at organization

3) Make the most in class to get better at topics