Digital Projects



iPad App


  • FREE(minum)
  • Online bulletin board
  • Can be moderated
  • Post links, images, videos, or upload files.
  • Anyone can post to them.

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Low tech formative assessment.

Students get the cards, teacher asks the question, students answer, teacher scans.

Teacher can pre-enter questions or "ask on the fly".

Draw your notes

Sketch Notes

  • Focus on the big ideas rather than specific details.

Paper 53

Sketches 2

Autodesk Sketchbook


Take notes while I tell a story.

Share your notes with your neighbor.

Share your picture to the padlet.

Make a picture talk

Create a Rap


Speak or rap into the app and it sets it to a beat.

Math Example

iTunes link

Android link


Create a rap that includes

  • Full name
  • Years of teaching
  • Years of teaching in Gary
  • What you teach
  • Your one main goal for the summer.
  • Save it to your camera roll and share on the padlet.

Create a Video with Pictures and music

ScreenCasts and Videos


Using one of my iPads (for the two that cost) or your own if you have these apps:

  • Create a video that explains a trip you will take or want to take.
  • Include pictures, video, and explanations of what you will do.

Create a Book and Animate it!

iTunes Link

Book Creator Example

Book Creator + Explain Everything

How to use


Create a book that tells about today.

Insert at least two other products you have created.

Have at least one page telling what you've learned today.

Have at least one page telling how you will integrate this into your content.

Publish the book and post the link or book to the padlet.

Others...Because I have too much to share!

Adobe Voice - now called Adobe Spark Video


Scratch Jr - simple elementary coding app

Tickle - coding

Adobe slate - BEAUTIFUL presentation app (also a website) - Now called Adobe Spark Page

Adobe Spark Post - Create photos and fliers

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