Winter has arrived!

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Organic Snow and Ice Melter

Worried about spreading harmful chlorides that can be tracked in to your home or business? Worry no more with Paw Pal. You get the awesome advantage of a product that works 30% faster than traditional salt at temperatures as low as -25 degrees Fahrenheit but is less corrosive and harmful than regular old rock salt. Call us today to try the Paw Pal advantage for yourself!

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We’ve Made Winter Roads Safer for over 15 years…

The experts at Road Solutions know snow and ice management. With a combined portfolio of over 250 years in the industry, you’ve come to the right source to successfully navigate and manage whatever winter weather throws your way. We believe in an organic approach to snow and ice melting that’s safer for our environment and your equipment. Our snow and ice management program has helped clients in over 19 states, countless government agencies, and private snow companies be more environmentally responsible in reducing the impact of chlorides in our environment. In our 16 winter seasons, we pride ourselves on helping our customers reduce over time, costly emergency call outs, and reduced fuel costs for their winter operations.

Our full service program includes: cost analysis, equipment review, and training for your staff. Our employees work on site for stockpile treatments and to adjust prewetters and direct spray equipment when needed. We also work with the private sector of snow control. These include: landscapers, contractors, and other private sector snow removal companies.