The Skeletal System

Zachery Welsh

What is the longest the bone?

The Femur

How do our legs and arms bend?

The Muscles do it because they help the whole body

How many bones are there in one leg?

Four in one leg.

How does a skeleton move?

The skeleton is moved by the numerous muscle, tendon and sinews, which are activated by electrical signals from the brain through nerves.

How many bones are in the whole skeleton?

We have 206 bones in our body

How do our bones connect?

Ligaments connect bone to bone while tendons connect bone to muscle.

Why do we have bones?

The architecture of the skeleton is remarkably adapted to provide adequate strength and mobility so that bones do not break when subjected to substantial.

What are bones made of?

Bones are made of cells and living parts of your body. plus they are also made of strong string material called collagen.

What is the strongest bone?

The strongest bone in your body is your thigh bone (or femur)

What is the weakest bone?

The weakest bone in the in the human body is said to be either the clavicle (collar bone) or the vertebrae (the bones around your spinal cord).

Do babies have more than adults?

Yes, it is because one of the reason the bones of the skull are separate at birth.

What is inside the bone?

Also bones are filled with red and yellow jelly stuff.