Sounds of the Suburbs

The Venue Newsletter

This is a gig that's been completely organised and performed by first year music performance students at North Kent College, Dartford.

The Venue

The Venue is an amazing space for gigs with a capacity of just under 150 people alongside a fully licensed bar so you can be assured it will be a great night. It's fully accessible to disabled people so everyone is welcome to come and listen to some awesome music performed on an elevated stage complete with lights and speakers so you can hear it all the way to the back of the room.

Teaser gig

Monday, May 23rd, 12-2pm

Oakfield Lane


Unfortunately this is only for students attending college however hopefully we'll be able to put up plenty of photos.

The Creators

This band’s sound consists of such genres as Funk, Reggae, R&B and a light sprinkling of indie rock.

Fronted by Manny’s smooth vocals, backed by technical and impressive drumming, interlocking and smooth guitars and head bobbing bass lines.

The band create songs with enticing rhythms, with a sense of momentum and an atmosphere that is almost palpable, creating a chilled vibe that lulls the listener into a state not unlike floating down an ethereal river.


A hard rocking band with a groove, Petrichor (Or that weird smell after it rains, for the uninformed) are an indie rock band that experiment with funk, hard rock and metal-core. Swapping from rocking a groove in one song to a break down or solo in the next. This band is highly unpredictable.

The guitars play slick harmonies over each other, the bass is thumping, the drums playing is pin point and the vocals are powerful. The vocal melodies are catchy and the lyrical phrases are sure to be stuck in your head for the rest of the day.

This band takes pride in pushing the boundaries of their genre and experimenting with pop formulas.


Southside are an indie rock band with a darker sound, similar to bands like Mallory Knox and Don Broco.

Their sound is focused on emotional versatility and being able to connect with the audience. This is achieved through meaningful lyrics and a variation of genres.

The guitars are a constant wall of sound, the bass is loud and rambling, the drumming is tight and snappy and the vocals are intense. The band have some great chemistry too, allowing for a good live show.

South of the River

South of the River are a garage rock band.

Taking influence from bands like Oasis, Red Hot Chilli Peppers and other 90s based groups.

Though taking influence from Oasis, the band have a much harder edge, with heavy drums, smooth bass and dirty riffs. The vocal responsibilities are shared between Ediz and Kaylee; Ediz bringing out the bands harder side with his Americanised, cigarette enthused sneer and Kaylee bringing out a far smoother but still definitely rocky side with her delicate croon.

The band’s ethic, quoting one of the members directly is,

“in few words we want the audience to be off their faces, having a good time and not caring about anything other than being loud enjoying the music”

Which sums it all up nicely.


The most experimental of all the groups, GuitarWithNoStrings is a three piece electronic acoustic band.

The band utilize acoustic guitar, woodwind and electronic instrumentation to create a whole new kind of sound.

The electronic instrumentals by Xola are inspired by classic video games and anime, creating a nostalgic feeling for those who are in the know.

The guitarist, Tom is inspired by acoustic artists like passenger and pop artist Saint Raymond.

Caroline on woodwind is a fan of Orchestral musical theatre and pop prince, Justin Bieber.

The group hope to tell a story interwoven between the lyrics and the instrumentals.

The music has a large EDM influence so the music is extremely easy to dance to. What kind of story? Come to the show to find out!

The link below is the acoustic renditions of the songs to be performed at the show