Direction of JxnYP

Based on September Large Group Meeting

Good Afternoon JxnYP Members and Friends,

We are pleased to announce the final results of the 2 votes taken at our Large Group Meeting on 9/16/14:

  • Topic 1-was a choice between pursuing a non-profit mission driven mentality; that includes networking, supporting Jackson and building a young professional community or a social club; every vote turned in was for the mission driven route
  • Topic 2-was a choice between membership or directorship; all but 2 votes were for directorship

Due to the above member votes, the Jackson Young Professional group will pursue the necessary legal avenues needed to obtain non-profit status and a vote/nomination process will be carried out for the future board of directors for JxnYP. A board of directors will be in place to lead the group but this will never mean that anyone who wants to be more active will have a shortage of roles available.

The aforementioned vote/nomination process will occur at our next large group meeting on October 15, 2014. At this meeting there will be a vote/nomination process for the board of director positions available: President, Vice president, Treasurer, Secretary & Sergeant-at-Arms. These elected positions will lead JxnYP to the future via a concerted effort to convey the majority’s desires & beliefs. If you are interested in one of these positions, there will be a nomination process on 10/15, if not there will be pre-filled names and brief bios available for voting purposes. Then, on 10/17 an online voting survey will be sent out to all members based upon the candidates chosen on 10/15. At the November 2014 large group meeting the final results will be released and the direction of JxnYP will be discussed (i.e., less administrative work and more community involvement/networking opportunities).

The mission of JxnYP, as dictated by our non-profit status will include both monetary and time gifts to other organizations. The frequency of these occurrences will vary based upon member wishes and funds available. There have been discussions with the Jackson Community Foundation to obtain an endowment that would allow JxnYP to gift monies to causes that are deemed worthy by the members.

In short, there are various and numerous opportunities for JxnYP to give back to Jackson, both monetary and time-related, while networking with current and future members.

We hope everyone is as excited to partake in the current administrative tasks of voting/nominating and the yet to come community involvement events & networking opportunities.

There is a plethora happening with JxnYP and every effort has been given to include everyone with the furtherance of the group; if anyone has additional questions or thoughts, please send them to