Choreographer Spotlight:

Mary Trulock

Mary Trulock is one of the most gifted and respected choreographers in the state of Arkansas and has worked with dancers around the country. A latecomer to dance, Trulock started her training as a teenager. With natural talent and tenacity she became a professional dancer with Ballet Arkansas in 1988 . She has worked with the dance programs at the University of Arkansas, was an active member of Dance Coalition and has paved the way for many of today's local dancers and choreographers. These days, Mary teaches Art in Northwest Arkansas and is a founding choreographer for the Pineapple Tree Dance Company. With a rich history in dance, and the founding of the contemporary dance ballet company in NWA, Trulock is on the cutting edge of dance choreography and is a favorite of many dancers and audiences. She is experimenting with new movements and creations, while musically staying with a clearly classical inspiration. Trulock's eclectic style is wonderful for dancers who enjoy being her artistic medium and her ability to capture and use unique qualities of different dancers is a signature of her work. Audiences connect with her contemporary style that is not easily defined. Splendid Mirrors which will debut in March 2015 is Trulock's newest piece. Audiences should expect to see something truly magical.

PTDC caught up with this beloved choreographer after a rehearsal for a quick interview!

What Choreographers have inspired your work?

"Choreographers who have made a difference in the last 15 years, actually even before that, Christopher Bruce, and William Forsythe, and Ma Cong in the last five years. They are cutting edge and wonderful and I love everything that they do."

How do you create a new piece?

"Its different every time, I mostly begin with the music and it inspires me in some way, I listen to it thousands of times, I count it hundreds of times..."

What draws you to Pineapple Tree?

"Its really interesting. Some of the dancers are new to the pieces, and its exciting because I'm getting to work with some male dancers. The piece that we're doing now, Splendid Mirrors, we've got three different couples and its great for me because I haven't worked with three couples all together. I think its also great for them because they're getting a lot of pas de deux work, which I think is great for all companies."

You can see Splendid Mirrors performed by PTDC at the Walton Arts Center, March 28-29th 2015 in Fayetteville, AR.

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