How to get bigger boobs naturally

how to get bigger boobs without surgery

how to get bigger boobs without surgery

how to get bigger boobs without surgery

One of the great complexes for many women is the size of their breasts. Although you should not be ashamed of having small breasts, it is natural that some of you wish to have a little more quantity to feel and look much better. But ... are there options to be able to increase the size of the breasts without having to go through the operating room? You are in luck because there are some methods to achieve breast augmentation without having to resort to cosmetic surgery.

If you are interested, be sure to read the following article because this time we will discover how to have bigger breasts with simple techniques that will make you look more beautiful. And if they don't convince you, you can always resort to surgery. Take note!

Steps to follow:


As we have said in the previous lines, we want to show you natural methods to show off bigger breasts. Of course: in the case in which you want to undergo surgery to perform a breast augmentation, do not hesitate to consult a professional about the techniques, methods, types of graft and size that suits your constitution, your body and your tastes. Although it is the most expensive option, you will surely get great results.

Of course, always use common sense, do not graft anything without consulting a professional or take pills to achieve your goal. Always follow the recommendations of a doctor to carry out any type of treatment.

For the less daring, sport can become a great ally to increase the size of the breasts but BEWARE! because it is not worth any type of activity. For this specific case, we recommend doing push-ups that will not only improve the tone of your triceps, but will also strengthen the pectorals, that is, the muscles that are under the chest. You can do 2 sets of 10 repetitions a day to gradually strengthen your breasts.

Another good exercise to work your chest is the dumbbell lift, with which you will also strengthen the pectoral. Try to find a weight that exerts some impact without straining your muscles. Between 3 and 5 kg will be enough. Raise them in the air and then lower them. Up, down, up, down ... Got it?


After lifting the dumbbells, this exercise will be very easy to perform: lie on your back and place your arms on both sides of your trunk, with each hand holding a weight. Stretch your arms fully forward and try to open and close them. Perform 2 sets of 15 reps and voila. This exercise is also great for working your chest , strengthening it, and making it look bigger.


In addition to physical exercise, taking care of your diet you can also get bigger breasts. The breasts are one of the parts that tend to gain weight more quickly, as well as to lose weight; therefore, if you want to increase the size, it is best to gain a little weight.

Although it is an infallible method, it carries certain risks because consuming more calories can also fatten the areas that tend to gain weight more easily (stomach, buttocks, legs ...). This technique is recommended for those girls who are very thin and who gain a few quilitos will be great.


And speaking of diet, foods with more estrogens can also help you increase the size of your breasts. Estrogen is a hormone responsible for increasing the size of the breasts during puberty, among other functions, so by helping your body to produce more estrogen, you will get a bigger breast.

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