New Science - Checklists

2019 Mandatory

The implementation of the new Science and Technology syllabus:

2018 - Familiarisation and planning

2019 - Implementation in all Stages

The new Science and Technology syllabus includes Australian Curriculum content and content that clarifies learning for Science and Technology from Kindergarten to Year 6.

The Stage statements for Early Stage 1 to Stage 3 reflect the intent of the Australian Curriculum achievement standards.

There are five strands for each Stage of learning:

  1. Living World
  2. Material World
  3. Physical World
  4. Earth and Space
  5. Digital Technologies

Design and Production replaces Working Technologically to strengthen the continuum of

learning from Kindergarten to Year 12.

Program Checklists - 2019

To familiarise myself and deepen my understanding of the new Science and Technology K-6 Syllabus I developed a set of ES1-S3 program checklists.

They will also be useful to yourself or school and 2019 programming.

2018 - Our current syllabus is applicable and this set of checklists will be useful.

You will notice a similarity with my 2019 checklists.

Early Stage 1 Program Checklists

Commencing 2019

Stage 1 Program Checklists

Commencing 2019

Stage 2 Program Checklists

Commencing 2019

Stage 3 Program Checklists

Commencing 2019
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2018 Support Resources

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Other examples of Science program documents

Current Syllabus Checklist - 2018 - downloads

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