Happy Valentine's!!

February 10-14

Dear Parents,

During this week we continued learning about buildings. Children built an amazing amusement park with cool blocks. They also used hard and soft blocks to built castles, houses, bridges and tunnels. The children that stay in the afternoon had a competition to see which group built the tallest building. They had to work as a team to make a strong base and listen and respect the opinion of others.

In small groups we started with simple addition problems. We used fruit and transportation counters to add. They also made their own addition and used their finger prints with ink to add.

We've been learning rhyming words that appear on the books we have been reading like: 'The smartest giant in town', some of these rhyming words are: giraffe/scarf, mouse/house, boat/goat, socks/fox, dog/bog and gown/crown.

Mrs. Jeanette brought a cool game to share with the children that's called: 'Headbanz', it's great to practice English vocabulary. One of the students uses the headband and has a card (which he/she can't see) the other students have to give them clues and the child wearing the headband must guess what it is.

We have also been reviewing shapes. This week they used their body to show different shapes and they also looked around the class to see which shapes they could find.

On Friday we had Samantha (pk 3.1 student) bring her dad ( an Engineer) as our guest speaker to show us what he does and where he works. Since we are studying buildings, the children had a great time looking at pictures of construction sites here in Panama. He is currently working in the new Tocumen Airport and brought helmets and vests for the children to wear during the presentation.

For our Valentine celebration we gave them a special breakfast of sausage in the shape of a heart and egg in the middle. They loved it!

Please remember to look at the important reminder at the end of the newsletter.

Hope you have a great week!

Best regards,

Ms. Maria & Mrs. Jeanette

Let's welcome our new student: Emilio

Building our own amusement park!

Buildings, buildings and more buildings...!

LOOK, we can ADD!

Learning rhyming words through the book 'The smartest giant in town' by Julia Donaldson

Guess what: Hedbanz

I can find & make shapes with my body!

Happy Valentine's Day!

We had a special Engineer speaker teach/show us what's his job!

Important reminder!

SPIRIT WEEK (Next week)

Monday, February 24th – Wacky Tacky Day

Tuesday, February 25th – When I grow up! (just PK)

Wednesday, February 26th – Pajama Day

Thursday, February 27th – Super Hero Day

Friday, February 28th – Mojadera – Fun in the Sun Day