Mrs. Bodart's First Grade News

April 29, 2016

Great Learning

Reading: Identifying the author's point and reasons from an informational text

Spelling 'ir', 'er', and 'ur'

Writing/Grammar: writing workshop, nouns

Social Studies: Continents and Oceans

Science: Life Cycle of a Plant

Math: Adding 2 digit numbers

Brown County State Park Field Trip

Friday, May 20th, 9am-2:15pm

1810 State Road 46 East

Nashville, IN

On Friday, May 20th we will be traveling to Brown County State Park. The cost of the trip is $8.00 (this includes bus expenses). We are only ordering two buses to keep the cost down, so parent chaperones will need to meet us at the park (more details will come home about the meeting location). Each car going into the park is charged a $5.00 entrance fee.

Please return the permission and money together by May 13th.


Please send in clean 14oz. tin cans for a science activity.

AR Goals

Please help your child work towards meeting his/her AR goal. We graphed the progress today and reports are in your child's folder. Our goal is for every student in the class to reach his/her goal by the last day of school (May 25th).

Reading Logs

Don't forget reading logs are due every Monday.

Spelling Homework

Spelling homework will look a little different on Monday. Instead of a packet, the students will have the choice to complete 4 different activities. After each activity is completed a parent needs to initial the box. Staple any written work to this sheet and return it to school on Friday. All written work is expected to be turned in neat and complete!