diary of a wimpy kid the long haul

jeff kinney

gunnar waltz


granary Rodrick mom dad manny and sometimes the bodes family.


There on vacation.With there family.


That nothing is going right and there on a trip and they keep seeing the Bernardo and there car backs down they go to the water park right next to us and they lose there key to the locker and all there money in it and they cant pay for there car to get fixed and they think it was the Bernardo because they stole there seat to and they think it was them and they go home and the first hotel they stay at on there way home they see the purple van and there dad goes in there and sees that the Bernardo family goes to the room they see the family go to the pool and they go see if they have there stuff and they did not so they get busted by the family and they drive home when they get home there emted there stuff grafery finds the key and does not show his parents and they get a pig on vacation and gragery had to go to the vet.
i like this book and yes i would recommend this book to or my friends.I liked when the breodo family find the anther family because the dad runs down in to his car.
i would Chang that he told his mom that he had the key the hall time.
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