Clyde's Corner

Mrs. Clyde - Issue No.14

Class News

I hope you are able to join us this Thursday for our primary Winter Wonderland program. The program will start at 9:10AM in the lunchroom. Feel free to come early and walk through the hallway to see our winter artwork and writing. The program will be approximately 30 minutes long.

Valentines Party

It is time to start thinking about Valentine's Day. We will have a class party on Friday, Feb. 12th at the end of the day. I would like to keep it small with limited goodies. I have made a google doc to sign up to bring something. We really only need one main treat (cookies or cupcakes), juice and maybe some fruit. Kids get a lot of candy with their Valentines.

Click Here to sign up to bring treats - please put your child's name under the item you will bring.

Class List for Valentines

Kids will be able to pass out Valentines to their friends on Feb. 12th. Please make sure kids bring one for each child in our classroom. The link below has the names of all the kids in our classroom. I will send home a paper copy of the list this week.

Dime Stamps & Class Store

This week we will have our first class store. Each week kids start the week with $1.00. They can earn more dimes for returning homework and positive classroom behavior. They can also lose dimes for not following the expected behavior or not putting their name on their work. If your child is coming home with dimes crossed out it is most likely due to talking.

If you would like to donate any small items to the class store you are more than welcome to send in items. Most of the things in the store are things like McDonald's toys and little toys that I have collected over the years (many from cleaning out my kids bedrooms!). I also have a few bigger items kids can save up for. A few fun ones are chew gum for the day, stay inside with a friend for recess, eat lunch with Mrs. Clyde and the big one is lunch and ice cream with Mrs. Clyde.

Classroom Banker

I happy to say we have a few parents who are helping us out as Class Banker. There are still some days that we need a banker. Check out the link below and sign up for an available day.

Dates To Remember:

Thursday, Feb. 4th - Primary Winter Wonderland
Friday, Feb. 5th -
No School