First Child?

By: Katherine Allen

Newborn Apperance

Newborn babies still have vernix. It's a greasy white substance that protects they babies skin from the amniotic fluid. Full-term and late babies have only a few traces of vernix in the folds of their skin.

They will have big heads and a neck that's needs support.

They are small and their skull is not fully developed but it is mostly done.

Bonding with Infant

Every baby need love and care the need attention to gain trust to bond.

  • Holding your baby
  • Talking to them
  • Feeding them
  • Bathing them
  • Sleeping with them
  • Playing with them

Guidelines for Appropriate Toys for Infants

  • Non-toxic paint toys
  • Squeeze toys
  • Large beads

Pros & Cons for Breast Feediing

Breast Feeding:


  • Prevent SIDS
  • Prevents cancer for mom
  • No cleaning bottles
  • Baby knows its mom
  • Prevents getting Allergies
  • Gets the Right Nutrition


  • Less Freedom
  • Can be Painful
  • Can be Difficult to Start

Pros & Cons for Bottle Feeding


  • Partner can feed baby
  • No pain


  • Clean bottle
  • Expensive
  • Less nutrition

First foods and when to introduce

When baby can sit on their own. When baby can swallow without any problems.

  • Puréed fruits and vegetables not mixed- at 4 months old for 3-7 days with no allergic reaction
  • Baby cereal- at 4 months
  • Puréed meats- 6-8 months old

Characteristics of a healthy baby

  • Good skin
  • Bright eyes
  • Good appetite
  • Alert
  • Active
  • Sleep soundly

SIDS prevention and crib safety

  • Mattress is firm and fit for crib
  • Baby sleeps on back
  • No gaps are bigger than 2 fingers
  • No pillows, covers, stuff animals, sheets, and soft things in the crib
  • Baby's crib is not near a window
  • Do not overheat baby
  • Keep smoke away from baby
  • Twins can't sleep together
  • Plenty of supervised tummy time
  • All vaccinations are done
  • Can swaddle baby