Connective tissue connects, binds and supports structures ex. ligaments. Bone is also a connective tissue that supports our bodies.

http://www.ouhsc.edu/histology/Glass%20slides/43_07.jpg (picture)


Epithelial tissue can be classified into 3 categories: squamous, cubodial and columnar. This tissue is used as a protective barrier for organs and packed tightly together.



Nervous tissue is found in the brain, spinal cord and in the spine. The nervous tissue generates and transmits nerve impulses to and from the body organs.



There are 3 types of muscular tissue; skeletal, smooth and cardiac. Skeletal muscle tissues help the body move and is attached to the bones. Smooth muscular tissue is around the organs and the blood vessel walls, it helps blood flow. Cardiac muscle tissue is found around the heart and contracts the heart and makes the heart beat.


I believe the nervous system is the best for its location because it is located in the brain and the brain controls everything having to do with the body's functions. The nervous system sends messages to the brain and tells it how to react to whatever is happening.