Native American

Energy Healing Circle

Spiritual Healer Dennis J. King

Native American Energy Healing Circle,

Bear Clan, Oneida Nation of Wisconsin

Event Time: 11-1pm Price: $35

Experience a powerful group healing session through Dennis King, carrier of the Bear Medicine. This powerful Bear Medicine is seldom seen off the reservation. Feel and hear the Bear breathing and growing as true healing power surrounds you. The Creator sends out spirits to help Dennis help others.

About Dennis,

Dennis comes from a lineage of healers; his Great Grandfather and Great Uncle were healers. And now, he continues their legacy!

You will not want to miss this opportunity to experience firsthand the energy healing of the spirit!!!

After the group workshop, Dennis will be offering personal healing sessions in the afternoon.

Also Private Healing Time: 1-6pm
Length of the session: 45-1hr
Price: $75