The Greenhouse Effect

Emma L. and Ashley

Greenhouse Effect

The suns rays come down onto Earth and get absorbed into the earths surface and some gets lets loose and goes back into the space and then the infrared radiation goes back out toward space but some gets trapped by the greenhouse gases which makes the earth warmer.

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What they do

The infrared rays are trapped by these greenhouse gases and that heats the earth. Carbon Dioxide, Methane, and Nitrous Oxide are major greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

  • Carbon Dioxide- product of oxidation of carbon in organic matter.
  • Methane- produced by anaerobic decay of organic material in landfills.
  • Nitrous Oxide- produced by fertilizer use, animal waste management, fossil fuel combustion, and industrial activities.

Positive and Negative Effect

The Greenhouse Effect has a positive effect on the Earth because it helps to regulate the Earths temperature,. I helps to make sure that the heat doesn't escape back to space. Another positive effect of the Greenhouse Effect is that it conserves energy that can be used the future.

One negative effect is over time it can trap too much radiation and could cause the Earth to overheat. Another negative example of the greenhouse effect is that can lead to global warming, which can also lead to other bad things such as ice caps melting, pollution and deforestation.

Carbon Dioxide in the Atmosphere

If carbon dioxide drastically increases or decreases in the atmosphere, the global temperature of the Earth will increase/decrease by a lot. This could lead to more violent storms flooding and desertification of some areas. Too much UV rays takes away from vitamin D. With not enough ozone the sun would be too much and it would be really hot. With not enough oxygen, not many organisms would survive since this is a necessity to live. With too much oxygen there's a chance that things could suddenly break out in flames.

Global Warming

  • Global warming is the increase in the overall temperature of the Earths atmosphere. This is caused by infrared rays being trapped by the greenhouse gases.
  • Some causes are increase levels of carbon dioxide, too many greenhouse gases, pollution and the burning of fossil fuels.
  • We think that global warming is bad and could be prevented. Some thing are caused by nature but humans could stop the things that they do to cause global warming.

Animals Effected

Polar bears are one of many animals effected by global warming. The heating of the Earth has an effect on the animals because it melts the ice caps on which they live upon. Also polar bears are cold nurtured animals and there fur is supposed to protect them from the coldness but because of the hot temperature, they are dying from heat.

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