Basketball 101

Utilizing the Jigsaw Strategy


Through reading article on the jigsaw strategy, and through attempting it within my class I feel that this strategy allows my students to have ownership of the lesson. This strategy empowers the students to really focus on what we are learning in our basketball unit. There are 5 groups that cover passing, dribbling, shooting, rules, and boundaries. Once each group has mastered their content we have them then go to all of the other groups to teach one another what they have learned. Then come back together, and teach their home groups. So, we can start to play and enjoy the game of basketball!

How it Works

The way that this strategy works is that I divide my class into their 5 content groups. The first week I tell each group what they are going to be responsible for, and then we ask questions to see how much they know about their area. I send them to different areas to discuss, and start to practice. At this point in time I start to work with 1 group at a time. So, they know exactly what they should be teaching. This process goes on for the first 2-3 weeks depending on the class. Once all of the groups feel comfortable is when they go out to all of the other groups to teach what they have mastered. Then they go back to their original groups, and teach their groups what they have each learned! Eventually playing the game.

The Challenge

I understand that this is a widely used strategy that is proven to work. Yet, within the gym especially I find this to be a very fun way for the students to learn. It allows them ownership I found it hard to keep the students on task to begin with. Yet, once they knew what was going on it was great. So, I ask that you go out there and find something that you want your kids to buy into. Then from there break down what you are teaching them into smaller sub groups that we already due, and let your kids dominate what they are teaching. Thus having them be successful, and constantly being stimulated wit what they are learning, practicing, or teaching.
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