NEWS!!! All About Tangerine

News, Facts, and More

What's been happening in Tangerine

-Lightning striking the same place 3 times!!!

-Japanese fish appear in Lake Windsor.

-There is an amazing football team.

-There are fires that never burn out.

-Mysterious deaths are occurring.

-Lighting strikes this magical ground everyday!

-Constant daily rain has become normal for this strange town.

-New citizens arriving not knowing what to think of this new town.

-New football star Erik Fisher arrives bringing a new future for this football team.

-New goalie Paul Fisher may bring a new hope to his new soccer team.

Paul Fisher vs. Erik Fisher, Comparing and Contrasting 2 very different lives.

Erik Fisher lives a very popular life. Everyone likes him except for his brother. Paul doesn't have as many friends, because he's not as much as a popular life. Both of the brothers share the love of sports. Paul is also a much more caring person than Erik is. Paul shows a love for soccer while Erik loves football. Paul might not be as much of a popular person at sports than Erik, he is still good at what he does.

Breaking NEWS! Star Football Player Killed by Lightning!!!!!!!!

The Tragic Death of Mike Costello

When Erik Fisher arrived at Tangerine, Mike Costello was going to be helping out their star quarter back Antoine Thomas. Erik's friend Arthur Bauer wanted the spot that Mike had with Antoine. Mike was the only one in his way. So when Mike was struck by lightning and died, Arthur and Erik celebrated(and yes I said celebrated)."How could they be happy?" stated Erik's brother Paul. No knows or will ever know why they're happy.

3 Issues That Must Be Reconized


Cause: Erik and Paul ignore each other.

Effect: Erik and Paul don't have a brotherly relationship like brothers should.


Cause: Mike Costello died.

Effect: Erik and Arthur were happy.


Cause: Paul wears strange glasses since he looked an eclipse.

Effect: Some people make fun of him because he looks different.

New Koi Fishing Tournament!!!!!!!

This new event will be happening this weekend and this weekend only. You choose one day in the weekend. You can fish all that day, an hour, or what ever suites you. Any ages of people can do it. It will be held this weekend at Lake Windsor. You must bring your own fishing gear. All fish caught will be recorded for weight and released.The person who catches the most fish at the most weight will win a brand new fishing boat. Please come relax and come participate!!!