Isaac Newton

By: Krithik

Who Was He?

Isaac Newton was the one who found and published the law of gravity. When he was in school, his mother took him out of school so he would learn the ways of farming. His Headmaster begged Newton’s mother to let him come back to school. During his college year, when he was studying, in his mother’s garden, he saw an apple fall to the ground. He started to think what made it fall to the ground. He was also physicist. He also discovered the laws of motion and how and why things move.

The New Law

Isaac Newton was studying for college when he saw an apple fell on the ground.He wondered what made the apple fall to the ground. The mysterious force pulled everything on Earth to the ground. He also wondered if this was the same force that kept the moon around the Earth and the Earth around the sun. He found out it was and this force which he called called it gravity pulled everything on the Earth to the ground depending on its mass and distance. In 1687 he published his law of gravity.

Questions from the readers

When did you discovered the Law of Gravity?

I discovered the Law of Gravity in 1689.

What were you doing before you saw the apple fall to the ground?

I was studying for college