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Reflections from Pastor Jennifer

What a great Homecoming service! I hope that everyone went home with full hearts and full bellies! Pastor Chuck gave a great message, reminding us that we are called to be "Kings and Priests of God" (Rev. 1 & Isa. 61). You have power and authority because of Whose you are.

And talk about food - that spread was delicious! Everything that I had was great! Thank you to everyone who cooked, cleaned, prepared, decorated, sang, mimed, and spoke - your ministry is appreciated!

Questions Answered (perhaps!)

Some of y'all have asked about a few things that I will try to clarify here:

  • You are welcome to call me anything that you have been calling me. If you prefer something a bit more formal, Sister Jennifer, Pastor Jennifer, or even PJ are fine with me. While I am proud to be a Williams, Sis. Williams seems a bit... adult. Speaking of which - I prefer the term "Lead Pastor" to "Senior Pastor", just a personal preference, nothing wrong with either.
  • I have asked Jeff to continue as our Church Administrator, and have asked Sis. Joyner to take on the role of Associate. The three of us will meet regularly as the Leadership Team. I will seek out their advice and support (along with that of many others) as we go forward. While it is true that I have been in pastoral ministry my entire life, this is the first time it has been my responsibility. Therefore, I greatly appreciate the wisdom of those who have come before me.
  • I plan to keep office hours at the church. The exact days of the week and times of day will be subject to the agenda each day. My tentative plan is Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday in the office. My email address and phone number are listed below, so feel free to contact me (usually email or text is best).

Thank you, Dads, for all you do!!!

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