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Happy 2015 - 2016 School Year!

Back To School Edition Part II

September 01, 2015

Good evening,

Well, the day has almost arrived. The staff has met, teams are prepared, schedules are posted and all we need now - is our STUDENTS! The building was humming today with activity and you could feel the excitement in the air as the staff put the finishing touches on their classrooms - the energy and enthusiasm was truly invigorating. We love what we do and it shows!

A few reminders:

School begins at 7:20. If you are dropping off your students we strongly recommend that you do so by 7:10 as prior to 7:10 drop off goes quicker. Also, as we get into the routine, this will allow for students to have ample time at their lockers.

Also, drop off and pick up is slightly different from the elementary side. Please note that all students are dropped off when the cars arrive at the top of the hill. We find that if students are dropped off on the hill, and cars pull out from there, that this poses a safety risk on the driveway. We also ask that you loop in the lower lot so cars do not back up on to Lincoln Street. Please do the "right thing" and loop and drive cautiously in our driveway.

As noted in the team assignment letters last week students will report as follows starting at 7:10:

6th graders report to the ASMS Gym

7th graders report to the ASMS Cafe

8th graders report to the Helen Keller Gym

Teachers escort students to their classrooms where they will start their day! Plenty of teachers will be stationed throughout the main floor to ensure students get to the right place. Beginning Thursday students will proceed to their respective floors where they will have time to go to their lockers and then report to their first period classes - that is the typical daily routine.

The 2015 -2016 Parent and Student Handbook is posted on the left hand side of our webpage. Though it is over 100 pages, it is full of very useful information ranging from the history of some of our traditions, to important polices and procedures. On page 31 you will find the FPS Middle School Dress Code. Please remember that we want to provide a safe environment for everyone - staff and students - and dressing appropriately for school helps to ensure that. I have also copied and pasted it in a section below for your convenience.

If your student does not have his or her Bus Pass for tomorrow he/she will be able to ride the bus. It takes us a few days to sort through passes and the drivers are aware that not all students have bus passes yet.

Additionally, please find below the procedures for dropping off over the counter medications as well as prescription medications.

On a final note please find below an oldie but goody article on how to ask your teen about school. It has some great tips!

I wish everyone a good night's rest

Warm regards,

Beth A. Wittcoff



Appropriate dress is required to maintain safety and to ensure that there is no disruption to the educational process in all middle schools. Items such as waist chains and apparel which is deemed vulgar, provocative, or which advertises/advocates the use of alcohol, drugs and/or tobacco products is unacceptable and inconsistent with a safe and orderly educational environment. In addition clothing or jewelry that is disruptive to the educational process (e.g. low-cut pants, low necklines, shirts exposing midriffs, short skirts or shorts) is not acceptable in school. Flip-flops are not permitted as they pose a safety risk on stairs and in the event of an emergency evacuation. Additionally, sneakers with wheels are not permitted as they too pose a safety risk.

The rules are as follows:

· No undergarments should be visible

· No bare midriffs- (back and/or stomach cannot be exposed)

· No halter-tops, tube-tops, camisoles, low-cut necklines (height of blouse or shirts is appropriate when measured at the top of the arm-pit and no lower) and no underwear-type tank tops

· No skirts and/or shorts that are shorter than six inches above the knee (measured from the middle of the knee)

· No apparel should be worn that inappropriately leave parts of the body exposed. This may include short shorts/skirts, tights, and pants with excessive rips/holes

· Tights, yoga pants, and/or stretch pants may be worn when the top worn with them meets the six inch rule for skirts and shorts

· No clothing with logos that promote the use/sale of drugs, alcohol, and/or tobacco products

· No clothing that discriminates, demeans or that is derogatory towards any group or individual. Apparel that contains statements or symbols that make negative statements about race, religion, ethnic origin, gender, sexual orientation, stereotypes or that has sexual connotations, or sexual innuendo

· No studded wallets/belts/chains/jewelry

· No slippers or flip flops/beach shoes (shoes that are easily bendable, able to be folded or that may be penetrated by a dangerous object such as a nail or tack)

· No pajamas or flannel loungewear will be worn

· No hats or bandanas or any kind will be worn in classes but may be worn to school and removed upon entering the building and placed in the locker until dismissal

· No outside clothing such as a winter jacket will be worn during classes

· No jewelry will be worn during physical education classes (e.g. rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, watches and nose-rings)


Please drop off appropriate paperwork for over the counter and prescription medications to the Nurse’s Office as soon as possible if you anticipate your child may need medications during the school day. In order for the Nurse to administer any medications she needs a Doctor’s Order and the medications in their original bottles. Any questions please contact Lisa Daly @ extension 3421

Important Dates to Remember

Wednesday, September 2nd First Day of School for Students 7:10 AM

Friday, September 4th Music Demos for Sixth Graders

Monday, September 7th Labor Day Observance - No School

Monday, September 14th Rosh Hashanah - No School

Thursday, September 17th - Back To School Night 6:30 PM

Wednesday, September 23rd Yom Kippur - No School

Monday, October 12th Columbus Day - No School

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