Happy New Year

Plus Kids Yoga Returns!

Happy Holidays from LiLa Yoga!

Setting Your Intention

Today while teaching I asked a student if they had any new year resolutions coming up and they replied, "I don't do those," to which I replied, "Me either"

What I do is set intentions of themes for the year. Those have been at the forefront of my mind the last few days as we gear up for the transition into 2023.

2021 was a hard year for me, harder than 2020, and I set out with the intention of 2022 to truly tap into what I needed in the year to come. One was, that I needed to play. I can tend to take life too seriously, as many of us can. Running a business, running a household, caring and teaching my other students, etc etc. I can get swept away in it all, leaving shells of me in the dust.

If I work hard, I must play hard, and if I play hard, then I don't burn out hard. Also, in working hard, I tend to take on a lot of things to do because I can handle them not necessarily because I want to do them. I've learned through my own work and journey this year; I am a fixer (not surprised on that) but I'm a product of emotional dumping. Which means that whenever someone comes to me with a problem big or small, I instantly kick into high gear feeling like I have to fix it. In turn leaving me with things I don't want to do.

The product of that then becomes, the dreadful thing well all feel, BURN OUT.

So I learned to say no to things this year that I don't want, but even more than just the things I don't want, the things I can handle, but don't want. That is still a work in progress but has had huge impacts on the quality of my life.

The reason I share all of this with you, is because I invite you to set an intention for your year ahead.

Really look inside your life, what it is your craving, such as my example of less and more play, and invite that in as the clock strikes midnight on Sunday!

Wishing you all a Happy and Healthy and Blessed New Year!

Love Always,

New Year Tarot Readings

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2023 is a 7 year, which means a lucky year, especially for those who are born on a 7 day, or numerologically are a 7 as well. Even if the number 7 doesn't pertain to you within your birthdate, this year still has a lot of prosperity, love, and enormous amounts of potential.

I will be giving special individualized yearly tarot sessions for those interested in a little insight into the year ahead.

Call or text for your appointment.

Late Cancel/ No Show Policy

As per January 1st our Late Cancel and No Show Policy will be strictly enforced for all.

In the past few months many have canceled outside of the window or just not shown up for class. This takes away from other patrons who may be wishing to come to the very same class and are on the waitlist.

In the past these fees have been something that we have manually had to do on our own, and at times have swept under the radar. We now have new technology that will automatically do this for us and will strictly be reinforced.

We have also adjusted the time frame of our cancellation policy to reflect this as well. Please read our policy below.

No show: $20, or the equivalent of the class package that you have. Meaning if you have a 10 pack, and do not show up to the class, the class will be deducted from the package. If you have an unlimited package or membership, you then will be charged $20 within 24 hours of the no show.

Late cancels: Late cancels will NOW be 60 minutes or less prior to class. The Late cancel fee will be the equivalent of a class for $20 as well and will be charged to within 24hrs.

If there is a true emergency as to why you late canceled/did not come to class, please contact us within 24 hours and we will not charge you.

*Reminder: You have up to 30 minutes prior to register for the class*

Price Increases

Unfortunately, due to the rising costs of operations for the studio we have to implement a price increase. We were truly hoping to not be economically impacted by the increases around us, but as many of you know heating our homes, and taking care of our dwellings has come with major increases.

The fairest ways that we can do so is to increase in prices.

Our increase will be as follows and in effect as of January 15th, 2023

Single Class: $20

5 Pack: $90

10 pack: $175

20 Pack: $320 *Good for 6 Months**NEW**

Single Monthly Unlimited: $140

Membership: $120/Month 6-month contract

**All current members will be grandfathered into the current contract that they have and will continue to pay that unless they cancel their membership at the time of autorenewal. **

*These price increases will go into effect on January 15, 2023, from January 1-15th, 2023, all prices will remain the same, and memberships can be bought to lock in the lower price, as well as packages can be bought at a lower price to utilize for the future as well.

Kids Yoga Will Return In January!

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