Oil production


Story of Spindletop,TX

Pattillo Higgins saw potential in the area of the hill.However,many people were sceptical of his idea.He put an add in the newspaper and many people answered his call,but they gave up after a while.He hired a man name Anthony F. Lucas,a captain in the Austrian army and salt miner,he recruited Guffy and Galey to help him.On Jan10,1901 a geyser of oil shot out of the ground.

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Why I chose it ?

Spindletop helped many people in Texas and Texas its self.

Spindletop also had many negative affects,many people were hurt by the project and it caused lots of land to be destroyed.

Key Figures

Spindletop is credited with the creation of the modern oil industry.

The oil from Spindletop is responsible for many big time oil companies.


  • Spindletop had the population of Beaumont,TX to rise from 10,000 to 50,000 in months.
  • Pattillo Higgins was the only one to believe Texas had the oil they wanted.After 9 years and many fails on January 10, 1901 Higgins dream came true.
  • Higgins employed Capt.Anthony F. Lucas and after a few tries he went to Guffey and Galey who left 3 years pryer.
  • Oil was struck after going 700 feet into the salt dome.
  • Spindletop hurt many people,so much so they started calling it Swindletop.
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