TAIS 101 Training

Texas Accountability Intervention System

TAIS Support and Training for 1st Year Improvement Required Campuses

TAIS 101 Training Edinburg

Friday, Sep. 18th, 2-4pm

1900 West Schunior Street, Edinburg, TX, United States

Session Description:

The Texas Accountability Intervention System (TAIS) support and training is required for all campuses rated 1st year Improvement Required (IR), identified after August 7, 2015. The Texas Accountability Intervention System (TAIS) includes a continuous improvement process built on a foundation of district commitments and support systems. TAIS recognizes the importance of a systemic approach to improvement with an emphasis on the critical success factors (CSFs) and best practice research for improvement planning.

Guided Support Opportunity:

Support and guidance on the Texas Accountability Intervention System (TAIS) will be provided to a campus leadership team. Critical components include data analysis, needs assessment, targeted planning, implementation, and monitoring to improve student outcomes. Taking a holistic approach, the TAIS framework leads to and prepares districts and campuses for accelerated achievement, system transformation, and sustainability.

Who should attend?

Required attendees are the DCSI (District Coordinator for School Improvement) and Principal, Optional attendees can be one other district or campus leader and PSP (Professional Service Provider)

Training Opportunities

9:00 AM—4:00 PM

Region One ESC

Falcon Dam/Sal Del Rey Rooms

Workshop # 49206

For more information , contact the Office of School Improvement, Accountability & Compliance

Dr. Tina McIntyre, Administrator

(956) 984-6027 | tmcintyre@esc1.net

Belinda S. Gorena, Coordinator

(956) 984-6173 | bgorena@esc1.net

Kelly VanHee, Specialist

(956) 984-6190 | kkvanhee@esc1.net

Ruben Degollado, Specialist

(956) 984-6185 | rdegollado@esc1.net

Benjamin Macias, Specialist

(956) 984-6234 | bmacias@esc1.net

Cris Hernandez, Program Assistant

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