Warren Middle School

Warren middle school activities


The purpose of art is to show what fun activities you can accomplish. Art can be use when you bored; and art can calm you down when your in a rush. Art is a piece of something you can sculpture. Some of the challenges of art is if you mess up you have to start all over again, also it can be hard if it's your first time doing art.

Musical theaters

The purpose of musical theaters is to show not to be shy and to be confident. In musical theaters you can dance ,and act out in front of everyone. You can show what you can do in musical theaters. It can be challenging if you : keep messing up ; also if your absent you need to know apart from a scene you need to know

Student Ad

The purpose of Student Ad is to help teachers. It can be fun being a Student Ad because you can help with fun activities.also you can learn how to be a good teacher from learning what teachers do. Student Ad has to be to a specific class at a specific time and date like the time 8:30 - 9:30 and the date we'll be 11-12-13.the challenging part is if your failing a class you have to skip student Ad to catch up. It's easy if you help the sub out , and know what to do.


The purpose of band is to cheer on your school. However, you can listen to music while you do the music your playing. You can calm down when your mad. You can see if it's hard to play a instrument. Also, you can try to play a new instrument you never heard of before.