The App Generation

Michael Tweedt

A Polished Packaged Self vs. The Real Me

It's almost as if students live multiple lives these days. They live as themselves during the day while they are at school, but it is a different story when it comes to portraying themselves online. Older students polish their online identity to help them become successful in life, while younger students try to make themselves more appealing to their peers.

Putting Your Life On Hold

"if you spend lots of time poring over Facebook, there's less time - and perhaps less need - to take to the road." P. 82

Let Me Check My Schedule

"Just being able to make plans on the go, and stuff, because me and my friends, we don't really plan things, we just go out." P. 94

Students are making themselves easily accessible to friends which causes this "don't have to plan mentality." In turn, the students do not plan much of anything and when nothing is happening, they end up sitting at home with "nothing to do" because their friends aren't with them. This "don't have to plan" mentality transfers to the school setting where they continue to fly by the seat of their pants.

Alone With Thousands Of My Friends

In Ch. 5 Isolationism is discussed. Students these days are rarely alone with their thoughts because of the access to mobile devices and social networking. If a student doesn't have anyone to talk to they escape into their mobile device to find something to distract them from themselves. It give them the opportunity to escape into a new world and not have to worry about the real one they're in.
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