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Week 12

How is the course progressing?

  • We are in the 3rd week of 4th quarter!
  • Each unit still ends at midnight on Fridays.
  • Any work for the unit submitted after the due date will be accepted, but it will have points deducted for being late.
  • The sooner late work is submitted, the less the late point deductions!

How is my child doing?

  • Emails/texts/calls were made earlier today and yesterday to notify parents and ELAs of students whose averages were less than 85%.
  • I will be sending out personalized emails to all parents and ELAs early next week to give more specific grade information.

What about Spring Break?

The course calendar has been posted in the course since we began in January, and students have been consistently reminded that NCVPS does not take a spring break. I am opening modules early for students so they may work ahead if they will not have internet access over their spring break (or would just like a "break")! Below is the schedule that has been shared.
Big image

What are students learning this week?

We are continuing our study of the nervous system, with focus on the senses. Below is a great video that was shared with students in the course announcements today!
The Sensory System

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me via text, email or phone!

Mrs. Allison Crawford, NBCT
Instructional Leader, Anatomy Teacher
North Carolina Virtual Public Schools