History of Iditarod

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Mushers and dogs

  • Have been in the race since 1973
  • the first winner took 20 days to finish
  • Atleast 12-16 dogs must start
  • 5 must finish
  • mushers and dogs have grow through the years
  • espn.go.com
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How it Origonated

  • used to be a medicine trail in 1925
  • took 15-20 days to go and transport medicine to the hospital
  • it used to be a mail route in 1925
  • www.alaskacenters.gov

Iditarod Trail

  • Sled dogs were a big role on the trail
  • all musher have to bring special equipment
  • the fastest time to beat the trail was 8 days 13 hours 4 minutes 19 seconds
  • iditablog.com
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