Ancient Egypt

Karys Lamb

Welcome to Egypt!

Welcome to ancient Egypt were you will see pyramids,tombs,king Tut,Queen Hatshepsut,and you will get a ride form a camel!


On your tour you will stop and look at Pyrimids. Primids are a place to bury the dead but they would only bury the Pharos or people who ruled. There have been over 130 Pyrimids found in Egypt. The Pyrimid of Khufu is the largest Pyrimid and was founded in Giza.

These are some of the people who ruled ancient Egypt or was an important God.

You will have a lot of fun on this trip!

The important places in Egypt

There are a lot of important places in Egypt and here are just a few of them

1. Nubia

2. Lush

3. Kerma

4. Meroe

5. Memphis

The amazing Egypt!

We would like to thank you for coming to see the amazing Egypt!

Egyptians social pyrimid

The Egyptians social Pyrimid shows the different classes of Egyptian society and here they are!

1. Pharaoh - The pharaoh was egypts ruler who controlled all of Egypt and was thought to be a God.

2. Nobels and priests - Egypts upper class owned most of the farmland and controlled the temples.

3. Craftworkers,merchants,and scribes - Egypts middle class provided goods and survices.

4. Farmers- Egypts lower class provided food and was forced to build monuments and Pyrimids during Inundation.

5. Slaves- Egypts enslaved people were mainly prisoners of war.

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