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We're over the hump!

Week 7 is upon us and we are on the downward road to Christmas. There is still much to do, so much learning to be had by our students.

Last week I was surprised to receive an email from the Principal of Capertree Public School. For those of you who don't know, Capertee is 75kms North east of Bathurst. She had read this publication and shared her own resources with me to share with you. It is so pleasing to see that this publication is reaching far and wide.

Don't forget about the upcoming Brekky with the Techie this week focusing on Digital Storytelling.

Read on for some more useful virtual maths tools.

Virtual Numeracy Resources

Last week we shared with you some valuable apps for the classroom in Numeracy. This week you can add to your list these websites and blogs to your list. They are full of great lesson ideas and videos to stimulate your thinking about Numeracy lessons.

The Mathematics Shed

This website is the baby brother of The Literacy Shed. It is a great resource and stimulus for open ended maths ideas through using videos. Check it out here.

11 Virtual Tools for the Math Classroom

This is a blog post that highlights 11 fantastic apps available for you to use in the classroom. See if any of them are relevant to your students. Read the blog here.



Brekky with the Techie - Teaching Critical Thinking Skills

Thursday, Nov. 28th 2013 at 8am

St Anthony's Primary School, Girraween, New South Wales, Australia Year 5 Classroom

Girraween, NSW

With the emergence of PBL in our school it is vital students gain the skills to be able to think independently. This lesson will cover how to search smarter and verify information. The web becomes a different place so lets make this skill embedded practice for our students.

Patrick Mackey - LTST