Lord of the Flies

English I and English I Pre AP


All information/research must come from the attached links or books from the library.

You must PARAPHRASE (put the information into your own words) and parenthetically document the information. YOU MUST WRITE COMPLETE SENTENCES!


When you paraphrase, you do not put quotation marks around the words, only around wording that is copied word-for-word and if it is copied it will look like this, “follow with parenthetical documentation at the end of the sentence” (website.com).

**only put the website name in parenthesis, not the entire URL address.

Easy Bib

You must also document one of your sources. Go to www.easybib.com in order to accurately document the information in MLA format.

  • click “click here to select a source”
  • select source: website
  • copy and paste entire url in 1st box, select “autocite”
  • scroll to bottom of page and click on “create citation”
  • copy and paste (blue box information) onto your document
  • format using “backward indention on second line

The Assignment

Linked here. Click the down arrow to download, edit and save. You will upload the completed assignment to Google Classroom when complete.

War Links

Evacuees/Children/Schools Links

Golding Link