Welcome to Perth

Perth is the capital of Western Australia with many attractions. It lies where the Swan River and the south-west coast meet, which its riversides such as Kings Park offer many breath-taking views of the city. Not to mention the beautiful Cottesloe Beach found right outside the city. Such a beautiful city filled with personality, why not choose Perth?



Area- 2,478 mi sq (6,418 km sq)

Hotels- 3-star hotel average= $90 per night

Hotels- 5-star hotel average= $160 per night

Population- 1.696 million (2010)

Average Salary- $72,800 per year


Average Rainfall per year: 28. 87 inches (0.73333 m)

Average Temperature per year: 65.15 F (18.4 C)

Australia's hottest months are January, February and December, averaging to a 75 F (24 C). Humidity levels average around 61%, with June and July being the most humid months.

Points of Interests

-Perth Zoo

-Aquarium of Western Australia

-Art Gallery of Western Australia

-Western Australia Museum

-Fremantle Prison

-Kings Park

-Swan Valley

-His Majesty's Theatre

-Adventure World

-Cohunu Koala Park

-Heirisson Island

-And more...

Means of Transportation

There are many ways to go place to place in Perth. If you feel like getting exercise, you can get a bike and ride on one of our many cycling routes. If you want to travel long distance, we have rental cars available. We also have trams, suburban rails and buses.

Why Come to Perth?

Perth is a city full of character and personality. There is always something to do in this beautiful city. Like visiting the zoo or go to the beach. Plus, it's almost always warm and it doesn't rain too much. So instead of asking "Why Perth?", you should be asking "Why not Perth?"