Stephanie Strauss and Matt Strauss

By: Mason Smith


WeeVu was founded in 2014 by Matt and steph strauss. Their buisness is a mobile app that lets you connect with natural causes, and support these by donating money. For example every time you purchased something, part of what you payed would go to charity, to support the ones with serious illnesses.
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similarities and differences

This entrepreneur is similar to Wolfgang puck. They are similar because they both started their businesses because of a family member, or with family members. On the other hand these two entrepreneurs are different because WeeVu is a company that can be downloaded electronically and Wolfgang puck is a everyday life guy because he physically makes you food, and serves it too you.

How it started

When Matt Strauss was a soccer coach his experience as a soccer coach for kids from a poor community and a drive through Chicago’s South Side on his way home for a visit, informed Wilmette that he wanted to help kids from the city’s less fortunate neighborhoods. He quickly realized that he needed to create an organization, but he needed money. With that in mind he decided to create a business that makes money for deserving charities? By the time he was 23 he joined forces with his sister, to create the app WeeVu. The app is set to change the way we give back forever.